Commission to the Executive Council of the International Committee of Slavists for the Computer-Supported Processing of Slavic Manuscripts and Early Printed Books

Working Group on the Representation of Cyrillic and Glagolitic Letter-Forms

Leader: Viktor Baranov
Co-Leader and MUFI liaison: Andreas Stötzner
Charter of the Working Group

The aim of the Working Group is to consider the Unicode requirements for Mediæval Slavonic Studies and in particular to co-ordinate the use of the Private Use Area for cyrillic and glagolitic letter-forms which may not qualify as Unicode characters but would be useful to scholars working with mediæval Slavonic texts. The first report of the Working Group’s activities was published in Scripta & e-Scripta vol.8, listing over 200 code-points. Requests for the inclusion of further letter forms in any future versions should be sent to Professor Baranov.

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