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Catalogues & Collections

Here we list mostly collections of digitised manuscripts and/or early-printed books, and also some digital catalogues.

The members of the Gorazd project (digitalisation of the SJS) have compiled a comprehensive list of collections of Slavic manuscripts and early printed books.

There is an excellent online catalogue of Rumanian printed books of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries: not yet fully comprehensive, but already a very useful resource, and also with links to a number of Rumanian research libraries.

The University Library in Ljubljana provides descriptions and facsimiles of the thirty-four manuscripts in the collection of Jernej Kopitar (1780-1844). We also have a handlist of 16th-century cyrillic printed books, many also from Kopitar’s collection, in the library, prepared by Ines Jerele.

The Holy Trinity St Sergius Lavra provides descriptions and facsimiles of its manuscript collection, and of an ever-increasing number of other collections in the Russian State Library, together with the Library’s collection of early-printed books, some archival materials, and a few catalogues.

The National Library of Russia in St Petersburg has digitised and made available its collection of Serbian manuscripts, understood broadly to include Bosnian manuscripts and also manuscripts which are only partly Serbian in origin.

The National and University Library in Skopje provides descriptions and facsimiles of its manuscripts.

Цифровая библиотека "Книжные памятники Сибири" includes digital images of manuscripts (including the collection of M.N.Tichomirov), five books printed by Ivan Fedorov, and also some Old Believer and modern material.

The Рукописные памятники Древней Руси site has now expanded to include not only the Novgorod Birch-Bark Letters in reproduction and transcription, but also digitised editions of Russian Chronicles and a small but growing number of digitised editions of Russian Manuscripts.

The National Library of Serbia has made available digital images from some of its manuscripts and early-printed books. They are, unfortunately, not digitised in their entirety: only a few images are given for each item.

The Digital Library of the National Library of Bulgaria includes a large selection of manuscripts, especially those of interest for their ornamentation.

There are pages devoted to cyrillic and glagolitic in Croatia by Darko Žubrinić, which include biblographical information (from 1975) and links to facsimiles of Croatian glagolitic books, manuscript and printed.

The Izbornyk site is mostly concerned with Ukrainian history, but includes some facsimiles of early-printed books (under the heading Граматики та лексикони) and literature about them.

A small body of mediæval Serbian legal texts in facsimile and transcription is among the resources provided by the Monumenta Serbica site.

The National Library of the Ukraine has provided digital facsimiles of 39 Cyrillic printed books ranging in date from 1491 to 1825 and including books printed by Schweipolt Fiol, Francysk Skaryna and Ivan Fedorov. They do not appear to be listed on the site in any particular order.

Sebastian Kempgen’s Kodeks page includes links to a number of facsimiles, including the Kiev Missal, the Miroslav Gospels, and the 1495 printed Centinje Psalter.

Digital facsimiles of some Muscovite early-printed books, and some later Old Believer editions, are provided on the Sobornik site.