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Here we include links to resources for:

FontsKeyboard Drivers
Automatic Transcription of ManuscriptsOCS Dictionaries

Fonts for Slavists are provided on Sebastian Kempgen’s Kodeks site. He also supplies an Old Church Slavonic keyboard driver for the Macintosh.
The Ponomar project offers a number of resources, mostly typographical, and increasingly Unicode-compliant.

Daniel Bunčić has provided keyboard drivers typing in old cyrillic based on the traditional keyboard layouts for Russian, Latin (QWERTY/QWERTZ) and Serbian, and also for typing in glagolitic (Russian layout). Installation and documentation files may be downloaded from the site at the University of Cologne:

Sorin Paliga has created a series of keyboard layouts for the study of various languages, among these keyboard layouts for Old Cyrillic, Glagolitic and Slavic Linguistics. There are alternative keyboard layouts for Romanian, Czech, Old Italic languages and linguistic transcription. They are for macOS. For Old Church Slavonic, Gé van Gasteren created also a Windows version. These keyboard layouts may be downloaded here.

Achim Rabus has trained several public models for automatically transcribing Cyrillic and Glagolitic sources on the platform Transkribus that can be used by anyone interested free of charge.

He and his colleagues have also retrained some of their Transkribus models for pre-modern Slavic using the open-source tool Kraken. The models can be used as a free alternative to Transkribus to transcribe Slavic manuscripts and early printings without having to worry about Transkribus credits.
The models can be found here: Cyrillic, and printed Glagolitic.
For those without previous experience of Kraken and eScriptorium, there are several detailed introductions, e.g.

A searchable version of Miklosich’s Lexicon Palaeoslovenico-Graeco-Latinum, provided by Monumenta Serbica.

An online version of the Prague dictionary (Slovník jazyka staroslověnského), and of its card index, provided by the Gorazd portal.