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Cyrillic and Glagolitic manuscripts and early printed books

Developed by: The Special Commission on the Computer-Supported Processing of Mediæval Slavonic Manuscripts and Early Printed Books to the International Committee of Slavists

Curator: Ralph Cleminson

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Last modified: 2023-06-07

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At the First International Conference on the Application of Computer Technology to the Study of Mediæval Slavonic Manuscripts, held at Blagoevgrad, 24th–29th July 1995, it was decided to facilitate the exchange of information on this subject and related ones by means of a page on the World Wide Web. Subsequently the International Commission on Computer Supported Processing of Mediæval Slavonic Manuscripts and Early Printed Books, which was set up at the Twelfth International Congress of Slavists in Cracow in 1998, adopted the page. Documents relating to the history of these activities from 1995 to the present may be found here.

Several further Cyrillic characters have been included in the Unicode standard in recent years. The Commission may be able to offer some technical advice on the preparation of future proposals; in any case it is strongly recommended that before any proposal is initiated it should be referred to the Working Group so that consensus may be achieved both on the need for a particular character and its suitability under the Unicode criteria.

This site also aims to facilitate the publication and exchange of information relating to the topic. For this reason we include links to

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Tools and ResourcesElectronic Publications

The page is very much dependent on the scholarly community for its content, and we appeal to organisers for information about web resources, events, and other relevent items which it would be appropriate to include. We also invite authors of electronic texts or of tools for the manipulation of textual data that would be interest to the Slavonic mediævalist to place them on this site.